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Tea Tour

Every spring since 2009 we have taken small groups to China to learn more about the beverage they love. Join us for adventure that will allow you to discover the origins of tea. Go behind closed gates and have a rare chance to see the secrets behind the rare teas of China. Enjoy heavenly food and, breath taking scenery that reaches up into the clouds and mist.

Tea Garden and Tea manufacturing

Have the rare experience of seeing traditional handpicked and modern machine processing. You will get to see how Puer, Black, Oolong, White and Green tea get from fresh leaf to completion. Then try your hand at picking tender tea leaves in the rolling hills of a tea garden.

Meet Tea Farmers and Tea Masters

Meet the kind and wise people of local tea farms. You will be invited to ask them and skilled Tea masters the questions you want answered. They are always eager to answer them for you as you all sip fresh tea.

Tea House

Sit down in enchanting Tea Houses across the country as you enjoy savoury Dim Sum and snacks. The authentic tea houses are full of History and Culture. Listen to beautiful music, participate in skilled tea ceremonies and even see Tea Acrobatics.

Yixing Studio

Learn about the history of these famous pots from within the province they originate.  You will see how a master potter creates these works of art and, become wiser as you learn how a stone is ground to create the material.

Every tour is a unique experience for you to enjoy. For more information about our 2014 Tea Tour please feel free to e-mail us or sign up for our newsletter, located in the bottom left-hand corner of this page. We would be honoured to have you with us!