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Tea School

Since 2009 we have offered a selection of focused workshops for your convenience. We offer workshops where we focus on a selected topic for the evening. We have crafted our selection to share with you whether either a new tea drinker or seasoned. Our teachers wanting to share with you their knowledge of Tea Culture, History, health benefits and preparation of this “liquid jade”.

Our classes include but are never limited to:  Introduction to Tea , Green and White teas ,Ancient Puer, Chinese tea ceremony ,Black Teas ,Oolong Teas Etc.  

Our Teachers

Tao Wu- founder of the Tao Tea Leaf, was raised in Wu Yi Shan, known for its poetic landscape and as a center for Oolong and Black teas in Fujian province. Tao Tea Leaf continues the rich and history of Chinese tea culture. Tao Wu is a second generation tea exporter and a true tea sommelier. He has conducted tea workshops here in the Tea House and taken small groups to China to discover more about tea. Tao has a taste for Dark oolong and, Ancient Puer which he is always on the lookout for on our tours.