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  • Premium white tea is mixed with natural peach and apricot flavours to produce a delicious brew.

Peach Apricot White Tea


Product Description

White Peony is a wonderful mix of young leaves and buds. The flavour is fruitier than other white teas which makes it a perfect match for peach and apricot flavours. This tea has a soft and sweet fruity taste. We recommend this tea for those new white teas.  A wonderful drink for cold winter nights or try it iced on a hot summer day.

Region:  Tao Tea Leaf Blend

Steeping Guide:

Amount:  3g/2 teaspoons per cup.

Temperature: 80°c /176°F

Steep Time: 2-3 minutes

For iced tea brew the same amount of tea in half the amount of water. Then fill your cup with ice, pour the tea and enjoy!

*Feel free to adjust the amount of tea and the steeping time according to your personal taste.  We do not recommend changing the temperature of the water. Water that is too hot may burn the tea leaves and bring out the bitterness in your tea.

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