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Award Winning Sampler Collection


Product Description

This set has our Award Winning Teas from North American Tea Championships. We are a seven-time winner. This set is perfect for beginning tea lovers ,as it gives a nice starter range of teas to try, and for seasoned tea drinkers. Drink up, we are sure you will enjoy them. 


This set contains seven (7) loose leaf teas in five (5) gram portioned taster packs:

Keemun Gong Fu - Keemun Gongfu comes from Qimen in southern Anhui province. This tea was created in 1875 during the Qing Dynasty and quickly gained popularity especially in England. For taste, Keemun is considered matchless, and regarded as one of the three best fragrant teas in the world.

Long Jing/Dragonwell  - Long Jing also call Dragon Well is a famous variety of green tea from Hangzhou, China. Long Jing has been one of the most famous teas in China for a long time. This marvelous tea has been described in Lu Yu's Cha Ching (The Classic of Tea) as the four perfections - perfect color, taste, fragrance and shape. During the Qing Dynasty, Emperor Kang Xi was known to travel from the Forbidden City just to get a taste of the freshest Long Jing. This emperor grade Long Jing is made using very fine, first flush tea leaves.


Golden Needle  - Golden Needle is high quality black tea only use high-grade buds from the ancient Yunnan Da Ye (Large Leaf) Pu-er tea trees. One of the Emperor's choice teas. This tea has a beautiful rich creamy texture and notes of honey.

Imperial Pu-Er (Shou)  - This imperial grade dark Shu Pu-er tea has an espresso-like character, smooth body and robust finish. This fermented Pu-er tea is made with green leaves picked in 2008 and aged prior to fermentation. Imperial Shu Pu-er is made from the young buds and leaves of mature tea bushes.

Da Hong Pao/Big Red Robe  - The king of the famous rock Oolong in the WuYi Mountain. Big Red Robe in China, a highly prized tea and a Si Da Ming Cong(The Four Great Bushes). This tea is also one of the two Oolongs that make it to the list of Chinese famous teas.

Silver Needle White Tea  - The finest and most dedicated of White tea. Our silver Needle is produced using only the most tender tea buds from the first flush of Da Bai (Great White) tea tree.


Jasmine Green Tea  - An organic Chinese green tea infused several times with the scent of fresh jasmine flowers. While still delicious this may be more suited to people new to jasmine flavoured tea or those who love jasmine, but do not want to sacrifice the strength of their green tea.

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