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Blended Tea Sampler Collection


Product Description

Our tea sampler selection with six of our favorite blends in the collection. This sampler is a perfect way to introduce yourself, or someone else, to the wonderfully wide world of tea. 


This set contains eight (8) loose leaf teas in five (5) gram portioned taster packs:


Strawberry Green Tea - An exceptionally smooth blend of Japanese Sencha and strawberry pieces, our Strawberry Green tea is one of popular choice.  It strikes a perfect balance between sweet and bitter. The dried strawberries accentuate the sweetness of the Japanese sencha making for a wonderfully crisp, smooth and refreshing cup.

Cherry Rose Green Tea - Our Cherry Rose Green tea is a sensual blend of Japanese Sencha, rose petals combined with the flavour of cherries.  This tea smells of a summer fruit market and has a beautifully rich taste, perfectly blending the sweet cherry with the green tea and adds subtle hints of rose.

Ginger Green Tea - Our Ginger Sencha tea is a great blend of Japanese Sencha green tea and ginger.  Ginger is a powerful addition to this already great tea. The two combine to give you a wonderfully spicy flavour. The strong taste of the ginger perfectly balances out the boldness of the sencha, leaving you with a brew that is great for when you are feeling under the weather. It’s especially good on a cold winter’s night.

Gunpowder - Our Gunpowder green tea is a dark, rolled green tea prized for its smoky qualities. The tea is named for its appearance. It has been said that the tiny rolled tea leaves resemble gunpowder.   

Lychee Black Tea - This black tea is infused with Lychee flavours and is extremely popular in China. Our Lychee Black is a black tea infused with the sweet and succulent flavours of the Lychee fruit. This tea is great iced on hot summer days or a wonderful after dinner tea to accompany dessert. 

Rose Black Tea - The Rose Black is a delicious blend of black tea and rose petals. The black tea is infused up to five times with rose petals creating the perfect sweet aroma. This full bodied tea has malty like undertone with the sweetness of roses. 

Ginger Black Tea - Our Ginger Black tea blend is a wonderful mix of black tea and strong ginger root. Ginger has a wonderfully spicy flavour which is the perfect addition to black tea. Our ginger black is black tea infused with ginger root. The tea is strong, sweet and spicy. 

Smoky Lapsang Souchong - Smoked Lapsang Souchong is one of Chinas most popular teas within Europe and the Americas. A strong black tea prized for its rugged smoky flavour and thick body.  There are several varieties of lapsang souchong however the best come from Chinas beautiful and historic Wuyi Mountains in the Fujian Province. The smoky flavour of the tea is achieved during the drying process. The tea has subtle hints of milder fruits that leak through the smokiness. The aftertaste is strong and long lasting.

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