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Instructions for Using Cast Iron Kettle

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Before use
When using the kettle for the first time, rinse the inside once or twice with cold water.
Next, boil water in the kettle several times until the water becomes colorless.
Once this process is completed, the kettle is ready for use.

Using the kettle
Fill the kettle with water (three-quarters full) and place on a heat source. The kettle can be used on gas rings or over a naked flame. For electric cookers, please consult the appliance instructions to confirm suitability.
Do not boil over a high heat, keep the flame moderate.
Once the water starts boiling, slide the lid slightly aside to let out the steam. This stops boiling water from dripping out of the spout and reduces the risk of burns.
* (Please do not touch the lid with your bare hands as it is very hot. Always use a cloth or an oven mitt.)
When transferring the boiled water into a teapot or thermos, be sure to replace the lid, again using some protection from the heat.

Leaving water standing in the pot increases the risk of rusting. Always transfer any remaining water to a teapot or thermos. Be sure to dry the kettle thoroughly by leaving the lid off. Areas around the spout and lid are prone to collect water and should be carefully wiped with a cloth once the kettle is cool.

Should you heat the kettle without any water in it, do not pour cold water into the kettle while it is still hot. Sudden differences in temperature may damage the kettle and cause it to crack. Always let the kettle cool down naturally before further use.

After about one week of use, some red spots may appear inside the kettle. About two weeks later, white scale may also be seen. These are natural phenomena, caused by the characteristics of the iron and are no cause for concern.
The inside of the kettle is coated with a rust preventative so as not to rust easily. It should never be scoured with a scrubbing brush as this will damage the coating and have a negative effect.

If the handle of your kettle is fixed, do not try to move it by force. Rough action may cause the handle to loosen or break off.

Care instructions
The surface of the kettle can be cleaned with a dry cloth. The original gloss can also be regained by wiping with a wet cloth while still hot.
If you do not intend to use the kettle for a long time, make sure the inside is completely dry and store in a well-aired place.
If a long time has elapsed since the last use, it is advisable to follow the steps outlined in the Before use section one more time.

Tip: Cast iron kettles are not suitable for use in microwave ovens.

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