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  • Kombucha Bottle
  • Kombucha Bottle
  • Kombucha Bottle
  • Kombucha Bottle

Natural Land , Set of 6- 500ml, Kombucha Bottle with Phenolic Caps


Product Description

Why Natural Land
Traditionally a mainstay for pharmaceuticals, these "growlettes" have become popular for the at-home kombucha brewer. The best jars for storing extracts, oils and other liquids are the Natural Land round glass containers. The jars offer UV protection for light-sensitive products and have a narrow mouth for precision pouring. Our customers have used these jars for DIY cleaning liquids, bitters, specialty drinks, kombucha, beer, homemade soda, extracts and so much more. The jars use the polycone lined phenolic caps. The caps form an exceptionally tight seal and provide a good chemical barrier. The cone shaped liner allows for a superior seal because it molds itself around the sealing area of the finish on the glass bottles. It is constructed of an oil-resistant plastic, which makes it a great match for oils, essential oils, solvents and liquids that require more care in storage or that could be caustic to your average lid.

Bottle caps are super important!
You want a good cap to ensure that your bottles aren’t leaking carbon dioxide out of your
brews. You want them to trap all that fizzy goodness in your drink! These are the two types
of caps that suit the majority of the specialty bottles I use and work well as replacement caps for store-bought kombucha bottles.

F217 Caps
These are my favorite caps because they’re the cheapest and work fantastically to keep carbonation in as long as you seal them tight (rubber grippers help!). Plus another benefit of these caps is that once your bottles are well-carbonated, you’ll notice that the caps will be slightly convex or curve upward away from the bottle. This is a great indicator that your bottles have great carbonation and are ready to refrigerate! They flatten outagain once the caps are off, and you can re-use them many, many times.


-Exceptionally tight seal great for storing all the things you ferment - kombucha, kefir, wine or beer. Store and preserve your homemade fruit juice, syrups or sauces
-This set of 6 exceptional quality 500ml amber glass bottles with phenolic seal-tight caps are an essential addition to a home brew maker's supplies. These bottles can serve a variety of purposes making them a useful item to have in every kitchen.
-Our kombucha bottles are made of high grade, durable glass to ensure its longevity and the airtight seal makes it perfect for bottling your home brew. Constructed with thick, amber glass, you'll be able to have the classic look for all future brews.
-These bottles are the perfect size to share your brewed kombucha, or take them to work to enjoy on the go.


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