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  • Tea Tray (Cha Pan):

This holds all the items to brew the tea as well as collects all the waste water.
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Best Luck Bamboo Tea Tray - Chinese GongFu Tea Tray


Product Description

Our traditional Chinese tea trays will catch the water that lands on it keeping your table dry and clean.  In Chinese Tea Ceremony cups and pots are warmed, and preheated out of respect. The hot water is poured over the tea ware where the tray keeps things clean.  We find these very useful at your desk in the office to in your living room. 

Size: This is a large size tea tray suitable for 8-12 people by Chinese GongFu tea style.

Width: 36.5cm

Length: 50.5cm

Height: 8.5cm

* Fixed Shipping Price CAD9.99 For This Tea Tray.

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